SOS from Crawford Peace House


Cindy Sheehan and Michael Moore are among those who have posted this message from the owner of the Crawford Peace House, who needs help if he is to keep it beyond this Tuesday. It would be wonderful if we could save it and turn it into a peace museum and resource center. In my opinion, it would need a new owner and management, but that’s an issue to take up if we can save it. I just cringe to think of how an unfriendly buyer will turn the place against the movement that created something powerful there in 2005!

I thought you might want to know the situation, and possibly want to help and spread the news — but time is of the essence. There’s an email address for Johnny Wolf, the house’s owner, in his letter below, which you can use for contact and/or to send a donation via Paypal.


The Best investment I ever made

Seven years ago, I made a down payment on a house in Crawford Texas. On Easter Sunday 2003, it became the Crawford Texas Peace House.

We committed to being there until Bush was out of the White House, and we kept that commitment. Those years were important years for me and for the peace movement.

For a little over a year we have had a new administration and the wars we set out to stop continue and have to spread to Pakistan and still threaten Iran. The relevance of Crawford’s Western White House and our resistance has all become a significant part of history.

No, the mortgage did not get paid. I have not been able to meet my financial obligations on the Peace House, and I am five payments behind.

The Peace House is scheduled for a Foreclosure Auction on Tuesday morning on the steps of McLennan County Court House, April 6,

There is an offer to purchase the house for 10,000.00 less than what is owed. My personal situation will not allow me to take the offer. It needs a new owner 48,000.00 is owed on the mortgage. 4,000.00 will bring it current and cover legal fees.

If you are interested in a future for the Peace House please email me at

If an unfriendly entity purchases the house we will be served an eviction notice and must vacate the premises.

Thanks for all the Brave Souls that came here to make a difference.

In Peace and in Loving service,

Johnny Wolf
Co-founder, Crawford Texas Peace House