OK Gazette surveys Oklahoma's lefty blogosphere

In the new issue of the Oklahoma Gazette, Keith Gaddie reports on the state of liberal leaning blogs in Oklahomaand kindly mentions this one.

I don’t have much faith in the readership numbers he gives, as OkieDoke has been shuttered for eight months. It was a really good blog, but I don’t think its was so good that it’s going to bring in 361 readers a day that long after anything was posted.

I stopped looking at or caring about stats for Peace Arena some time ago, so I can’t supply any alternative visitor numbers for this blog.

I posted a comment under Gaddie’s article about my list of Oklahoma’s “netroots” i.e. liberal/progressive blogs, which can be found here.

2 thoughts on “OK Gazette surveys Oklahoma's lefty blogosphere

  1. Ian

    Depending on how they define “liberal” or ‘lefty” blogs, I’d think that Abbie Smith’s ERV (http://scienceblogs.com/erv) should make the count. Sure, it’s primarily a science blog, but there’s a decent dose of politics in there too.

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