Oklahoma Ethics Commission to consider "no gifts list"

John Wood has informed me that this Friday he will be testifying at a hearing of the Ethics Commission regarding an amendment he proposed that would give legislators the ability to get on “no gifts list” (indicating they don’t want to be wined and dined — or otherwise bribed — by lobbyists). The idea has been proffered before and failed, but there’s hope that this year it can get approved.

It’s kinda crazy that you have to pass an amendment for this option to be available for the rare pol who might want to use it, but that’s life on the cusp of fascism.

The lobbyists will be there in full force, so having some grassroots advocates for it would be useful and appreciated.

It’s this Friday, Dec. 18, at 10am on the 5th floor of the Capitol. Please spread the word to your network and lists.