Holding Obama to the same standard as Bush on 'stupid wars'

Here are my photos from today’s demonstration against Obama’s escalation of the war in Afghanistan.

The turnout was pathetic. I’m sure there are many reasons why. Even while Bush was still in office, there were fewer and fewer people coming to various events. But once Obama was elected, interest in the actions really evaporated, with some justification, with many saying we had to give Obama “a chance.”

Welll, he’s had his chance, and is not responding well, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many in the peace movement (which goes on, regardless of what party is in power or what individual is in office).

No one was under the illusion that Obama was a pacifist. But he did say he was against “stupid wars” and that he would work to end the occasion of war. He is not keeping that promise with this escalation.

There are probably many who would come to a protest against Bush’s wars, who won’t come near one against Obama’s. But there will continue to be a need for such public statements, and enough who will continue to consistently call for an end to American aggression, imperialism and global thuggery.

Here are some sites where the consistent message goes on, or is being newly expressed.

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Some new groups/alliances
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2 thoughts on “Holding Obama to the same standard as Bush on 'stupid wars'

  1. Paul Utterback

    Argh. I wish I had been on the ball about checking your blog with greater frequency. I would have loved to go to the demonstration, not necessarily because I implicitly agree with a pacifistic stance, but I would be interested in getting as many takes as possible on the non-military options available to the nation in trying to secure itself from a terrorist group. If a nation attacks, there are lots of options on the diplomatic front, but how do we peacefully engage with loose alliance of terrorists?

    Now, there are certainly steps that we could take to lesser the ire directed towards us. There’s no doubt that American incursion into every facet of life for many people in foreign lands fans the fire of those who view America as decadent and a bad influence. But in the end, how do we peacefully ensure our wellbeing?

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