All your emails are belong to Inhofe

A big part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much is that I just feel like I don’t have the ability or opportunity these days to do enough reading and research to post anything of value to the discussion. For example: The conservative conspiracy theory du jour, led by Oklahoma Republican Senator Jim Inhofe, regarding emails stolen from the computers of climate scientists. With the Google — even with the Bing, I bet — you can find plenty of worthwhile and relatively calm insights into the matter, if you know how to look, and weed out the bias and blather. The only things I would consider adding would be links I found from said Googling. But I tend to expect others to point and click on the Tubes just as well as I can.

But I clearly am being held back by an overwrought case of blogger ethics that does not afflict many others. I need to loosen up. They’re only words, for gawd’s sake!

Digby, a very ethical blogger, does see some need for the consideration that I’m prone to, so I’m still going to err on the side of expert consensus rather than accept the practice of legislating, or blogging, half-cocked.

From what I can gather, this climate change pseudo-scandal is going to be with us for a while so if you haven’t delved into it in any detail, it’s probably a good idea to do so. The number of Inhoffian cretins bellowing on TV about hoaxes is growing by the hour. This article by Brad Plumer seems to be a good place to start.

For ongoing understanding of the science in our lives (for our lives), follow DarkSyde.

Another Oklahoma blogger’s quick take on Inhofe. Bet he didn’t hear anything like that on radio!

And that, kids, is why I’ll always be a blogger.