I'm against this war no matter who's running it

Well, more disappointment from Obama. Now we know who really runs this country while he is president — the same folks who have been running it (badly and into the ground).

I will be joining The Peace House folks and others tomorrow at a demonstration to say No to Escalation in Afghanistan. (I think there is also something planned for Tulsa [link added 2009-12-01].)

I will also be contacting my reps to once again say, end the war and find civilian solutions: Contact Congress & White House

Oklahoma City Demonstration:
Tuesday, December 1st
4:30-5:30 pm
NW 23rd Street & Classen Blvd.

Bring signs – – We will have ours.

Peace House Statement on Afghanistan, Nov. 14th

  • After eight (8) long years of war, we speak in unity: U.S. Military forces must be brought home.
  • Military victory appears unachievable, or at the very least unsustainable.
  • Our continued presence guarantees further escalation of long-standing anti-American sentiments.
  • A surge in U.S. troop numbers will generate dramatic increases of casualties of our troops and Afghani civilians.
  • We risk and even wider and deadlier regional conflict.
  • Reconstruction and stability should be initiated and sustained by international peace-keeping entities and< non-governmental organizations.
  • Urgent domestic budget priorities demand a redirection of our tax revenues from war in Afghanistan to meeting human needs at home. Thirteen million Americans are unemployed in this economic downturn.
  • We petition Congress, and the Obama administration, to initiate withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan before the end of the year.