Media aghast at Dem Congressman's frankness and refusal to cower at GOP hysteria

This is the most blatent display of our craptacular media as you are likely to find. The “journalists” on CNN’s Situation Room, after a summer of “birther” “deathers” and myriad other radical Right fringe lies about Obama and the Democratic health care reform efforts — each one uglier than the last — are absolutely apoplectic today over Alan Grayson’s dramatization of the non-existant “Republican Health Care Plan” as being the insurance company profit protecting “Don’t get sick and if you get sick, die quickly.” Which is exactly what 70% of the country has been saying to each other for months now. Obviously Wolf Blitzer and crew don’t get out of their bubble, ever.

But Grayson doesn’t take any of their biased corporate crap. I think we have finally found a Dem who is not wetting his or her pants every minute about the possibility of being disliked by Republicans. Hallelujah!