How will the Democrats' health care reform benefit Oklahoma?

The House Energy and Commerce Committee, chaired by Henry Waxman, is one of the House committees that has produced a bill to address health care reform. Waxman is a fierce advocate of real reform, and he and his committee staff have come up with a great way to demonstrate the benefits the bill would produce broken down by congressional district.

In an easy-to-underand one-page printable handout, the positive consequeces of passing the bill is presented in terms of

  • supporting small business,
  • helping seniors with drug costs
  • giving citizens health care and financial security
  • unburdening the insured from the cost of hospitalizing the uninsured
  • giving most of those currently uninsured a way to get good, affordable coverage for when disaster strikes

All done without deficit spending by making health care programs more efficient and raising taxes slightly for the very wealthiest.

Here is the breakdown for Oklahoma districts:

h/t Booman Tribune

2 thoughts on “How will the Democrats' health care reform benefit Oklahoma?

  1. Ian

    26% of Dan Boren’s constituents are uninsured? And he’s against health care reform? And he’s supposed to be a Democrat? Wow.

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