History Channel goes presidential

If you get tired of the inaugural coverage, but still want a fix of historic presidencies, some of this week’s History Channel programming may fit the bill. I plan to watch as many of these as possible, but then I’m a history geek.

The usual caveat about History Channel broadcasts applies. I haven’t seen these yet, so can’t vouch for any of it. All times Central.

The Presidents – 8 part series
If you’re going to catch all 8 parts, you probably want to rev up the Tivo. The best time to record would be the commercial-free History in the Classroom airing at 5 AM (Jan 19-23, Feb. 17-19).

  • Part 1, 1789-1825: Monday, January 19 5:00 AM, 12:00 PM & 06:00 PM,
  • Part 2, 1825-1849: Monday, January 19 07:00 PM & 11 PM, Tuesday, January 20 5:00 AM
  • Part 3, 1849-1865: Tuesday, January 20 12:00 PM & 6 PM, Wednesday, January 21, 5:00 AM
  • Part 4, 1865-1885 Tuesday, January 20 07:00 PM & 11:00 PM, Thursday January 22 5:00 AM
  • Part 5 1885-1913. Wednesday, January 21 12:00 PM & 06:00 PM, Friday January 23 :00 AM
  • Part 6 1913-1945. Wednesday, January 21 07:00 PM & 11:00 PM, February 17 5:00 AM
  • Part 7 1945-1977. Thursday, January 22 12:00 PM & 06:00 PM, February 18 5:00 AM
  • Part 8 1977-Present. Thursday, January 22 07:00 PM & 11:00 PM, February 19 5:00 AM

After cutting and pasting all that and getting confused myself, I found a better presentation of the schedule for The Presidents at Zap2It, although it doesn’t show the Feb. dates for the final three episodes for History in the Classroom. (make sure you have your time zone selected on the top of the Zap2it page).

FDR: A Presidency Revealed: Part 1.
* Tuesday, January 20 08:00 PM; Wednesday, January 21, 12:00 AM

No sign of when Part 2 might follow.

There are a bunch of other president-themed programs this week, including Lincoln mythology, John Wilkes Booth, the Kennedy Assassination, Air Force One, etc, but some of them sound hokey and I probably won’t seek them out.

You can turn off the TV and go to the History Channel website to browse a section on presidential history, including Lincoln’s Bible, on which Barack Obama will be sworn in Tuesday, and recent inaugural addresses. Or study all 44 American Presidents.

In light of President Obama’s realization of Dr. King’s dream, I’m putting this in the presidential category for inauguration week:

Sunday, Jan. 18
Martin Luther King is remembered with a rebroadcast of King, a documentary from last year (I think).

  • Sunday, January 18 08:00 PM
  • Monday, January 19 12:00 AM
  • Monday, January 19 10:00 AM
  • Monday, January 19 04:00 PM
  • In two parts without commercials on January 29 and 30 at 5:00 AM as part of History in the Classroom

The History Channel store is having an Inauguration special, with 30% off and $1 shipping — through the 21st. Sound like it might be a good time for me to order The Universe, Seasons 1 and 2. I also liked Black Blizzard, about the Dust Bowl, and would like to share it with other hopelessly geeky Oklahomans. I already bought myself a birthday present, so let’s call this a Farewell to Bush present, shall we?