Community discussion on health care reform

All around the country Monday night, Americans will be coming together to discuss the coming changes to our health care system, and how we want to influence the degree and outcome of those changes. Thanks to the work of those who worked on the Obama campaign here, those in and near Oklahoma City will be participating in the national dialog.

The events are being planned and coordinated through the new site Obama’s nominee for the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Daschle, who will oversee health care reform for the administration, has made this video introducing the project.

Here are the details for the local event:

Oklahoma Health Care Community Discussion (Meeting)
A moderated requested discussion with friends and neighbors about health care reform. We will draft a group submission with your findings and conclusions. This will help the Transition Health Policy Team flesh out key issues around health care and give the Team fresh ideas about the best ways to promote the President-elect and Vice President-elect vision of quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Sneak Peak:

Monday the 29th, 5:30-7pm
Mayflower Congregational Church (Oklahoma City, OK)
3901 NW 63rd St. [map]
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

If you plan to attend, check out this participant guide.

It will be interesting to see, after all this “grassroots discussion” if the people really get listened to, and what they say they want comes to fruition, or if the insurance companies again get to call the shots. I suggest showing up, calling, writing and demonstrating to make sure it’s the former and not the latter.