Prop 8 produces new wave of queer activism

The backlash against the Proposition 8 campaign in California has only just begun. Americablog and Pam’s House Blend are two blogs that are keeping up with the fast moving story. Protests, petitions and boycotts are underway, including major organizing through Facebook and Twitter. This Saturday, cities across the country will have demostrations in solidarity. Andrew Sullivan called this new movement “Stonewall 4.0“.

Oklahoma cities OKC, Tulsa and Stillwater will also be participating in “Join the Impact” demos this Saturday (note that in OKC this event conflicts with the annual Peace Festival at the Civic Center Music Hall).

Oklahoma City Facebook group

Earlier today, the director of a musical theater in California stepped down when it was discovered that he contributed to the Mormon Church’s support for the anti-gay legislation.

Contributors are being uncovered through legal means — donations to such political campaigns are tracked just like for candidates. The latest find: The CEO of Cinemark Theatres — with facilities throughout the US and the world — gave $9,999 for the promotion of hatred, injustice and bigotry.

People certainly have the right to make such donations. But those who are at the receiving end of their actions also have rights, and they are going to use those rights to demand full equality under the law.

Here are the Cinemark locations in Oklahoma if you care to avoid them:

Cinemark Theaters in Oklahoma

– Cinemark North Hills Cinema 6 (1106 North Hills Shopping Centre)

Broken Arrow
– Cinemark Cinema 8 (3812 S Elm Pl)

Oklahoma City
– Cinemark Tinseltown (6001 Martin Luther King Blvd.)

– Cinemark Movies 8 (6808 S. Memorial)
– Cinemark Tulsa (10802 E 71st St South)
– Cinemark IMAX® Theatre (10802 E 71st St South)