OKC Impact! rally for LGBTQ rights, Saturday 11/15

Important update – change of location for OKC event:

The Saturday rally has been moved to the OKC City Hall, 200 N. Walker,
just west of the County Courthouse, or just east of the police

Original post:

Just got a notice of the Oklahoma City event in solidarity with the countrywide Join the Impact! No on Prop 8 action this Saturday. I am so bummed that this is taking place at the same time as the Peace Fest (no one’s fault, this is a nationally coordinated action that just got born, and the Peace Fest is an annual event on the 2nd weekend in Nov.)

But for those in OKC not already committed to a table at the Peace Fest like I am, YOU can — and should — attend both events. Because we’re lucky, considering our politics in this state, to have activists organizing in our midst. Show your support and keep the progressive agenda moving forward.

Hello all!

I thought I’d update everyone on what has been accomplished so far. Today, I went to the Division of Traffic Management and got our permit, so we’re official now! The rally will be taking place on the steps of the Capitol Building on N.E. 21st ST. and Lincoln Blvd.


Someone that has and can set up a public address system.

Someone to lead group songs (National Anthem, We Shall Overcome, etc)

Speakers. Young and old. Be a voice that is recorded in the history books.

Signs…make an extra one for those who may need it. Spanish language signs would be an excellent addition.

Photographers and videographers. Help record this historical event.

Carpooling – Anyone willing to meet at a central location and share rides. Fill your cars people. Meet at Angles parking lot beginning at 11:30 am and head to the Capitol at noon. Sign your car up.

I would like to have a sign and banner making meeting before the rally, perhaps on Friday. If anyone can volunteer or recommend a time and place, it would be greatly appreciated!

Get the word out – Text message all your friends. Mass email. MySpace bulletins. Put signs up announcing the gathering. Be inventive.

Bring your flags and your signs and your spirit. Oh and a jacket, because it’s going to be chilly.

Here are some tips that were offered by the Equal Rights March:
1. Read these links regarding the right to protest.



2. After reading this information, you should understand that you may be required to have a permit for the protest you are planning. Contact your local government to determine the local procedures and if necessary obtain a permit.

3. If you have problems with your local government contact your local ACLU affiliate (http://www.aclu.org/affiliates/index..htm) or the National Lawyers Guild (http://www.nlg.org). If you are having trouble finding a local lawyer contact Gill Sperlein at sperlein@aol.com 415-378-2625.

4. Keep in mind: You will have fewer problems if you are at a classic protest forum like the steps of City Hall. Avoid blocking the streets. Avoid going on private property. You may want to have a couple of people serve as witnesses. These folks should take video, photos or notes and should not be involved in any activity that would lead to their own arrest.
Protest Tips:

You are welcome to bring signs, but make sure the sticks for picket signs are no thicker than 1/4 inch.

This is a peaceful protest. We want a spread a message of love, not war! There are likely to be anti-gay demonstrators we have to remember to not sink to their level!!

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