Challenge to Morning Joe crew from lefty in Oklahoma

Willie Geist Campaigns For McCain On The Upper West Side, Rejected By New Yorkers (VIDEO).

One of the snotty a-holes on the Morning Joe show went into Manhattan in McCain gear and got the business from the residents, thus proving, of course, that liberals are intolerant elitists who just don’t appreciate real Americans.

Have you ever seen that show? I don’t think any of them would have to be wearing or promoting anything in particular to get rejected by decent people anywhere.

I just sent them an email:

I DARE Willie (and the rest of you) to come to rural Oklahoma where I live and wear an Obama t-shirt. C’mon, Willie, Joe, Mika, hop on a plane this weekend and really prove your point. After all, it’s only Eastern liberals who are “closed-minded” and “hostile”. Right?

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