Young Democrats GOTV in Oklahoma

The Young Democrats of Oklahoma are hosting a phonebanking marathon this weekend to get out the vote (GOTV). I certainly don’t qualify, but very encouraged to see young folks working so hard for their party in a state where doing so can be pretty discouraging. But that’s probably why they keep the membership below a certain age — so the fresh, idealistic youth won’t be infected by jaded old politicos like me!

Anyway, here’s the 5 W’s (who, what, when, where and why):

Saturday, Nov. 1 – Tuesday, Nov. 4
Sat. 12-5 pm, Sunday 1-5 pm , Monday and Tuesday, 12 – 6 pm

Democratic Party Headquarters, 4100 N. Lincoln, OKC

Bring your own cell phone, call 18-29 year olds and remind them to vote on Nov. 4.

Oklahoma DP candidates will be stopping by to say thanks and lend some encouragement — maybe bring pizza?

If you are of the Democratic persuasion, under 30, and in the OKC area, this would be a good time to volunteer for your country. Take it from a political veteran: you will have fun, and feel pride about the effort for the rest of your life.

From email announcement:

This election cycle is almost over but we have one more important task. Young people all over the nation are pitching-in these last few days to help Get Out the Vote. Young Democrats of Oklahoma are no exception. We are planning the largest GOTV phone bank in the history of our organization.

It’s easy, fun, and most of all effective. All you have to do is call another young person 18-29 yrs old and say “Don’t forget to vote on Tuesday”. That’s it, can you help?

Sign-up Now.

We really need people for Saturday, Nov. 1st and Sunday, Nov. 2nd. We’ll provide you with a list to call, info for any questions you might get, and food and drinks. Also, we’ll have at least two chances to win a new iPod Nano. Are you in?

Sign-up Here.

Young people have one last chance to make a difference in this election. This will be our last offensive strike, and our last chance to show people how effective, engaged, and relevant young people can be in an election. Will you be there?

Sign-up here and help make history.

See you next weekend,

Josh Smith
Young Democrats of Oklahoma

Warning: I hope to come by with a camera.