The problem with McCain-Palin, condensed

Mccain and Palin and their ilk don’t laugh. They patronize. They don’t smile, they snicker. They don’t debate, they denigrate. They don’t talk, they condescend. They don’t argue, they ridicule. There is a nastiness, a mean-spiritedness, a smug certitude, and a profound and baseless arrogance seething from both of them. These aren’t leaders. They’re not even grownups.

A friend changed her email sig with this quote, which I tracked down to Michael Seitzman: John McCain Naked.

Of course, it also reflects the general tone of the Republican Party these days. Except, when it gets even worse.

Anyway, I’m featuring it in the sidebar for the next couple of weeks.

It also crystalizes my post category “The Great Divide.” I’ll be so glad when we can start healing that divide, very soon.