Abortion is good

Kos won’t put this on his front page, but I will.

It’s always painful when places you thought might be one of the last few outposts of saniety’s [sic] owner and other readers decide they’re willing to trade your life away, and the lives of others away, and ultimately their own lives away, because for some reason, they genuinely don’t understand what’s at stake. Words are important, and so tonight, at daily Kos, I as one of the written off, am going to write a diary for the first time, raise my voice, and once AGAIN tell so called ‘friends’ how much they’re hurting the people next to them. To say nothing of how much they’re cutting their own throats in the process.

There is more that a week’s worth of background/context for this discussion, but it’s 2:30 am and I can’t track it all down right now. The comments on stormcoming’s diary pretty much encapsulate the debate, though.