There's new star in the lone star state

Open Letter to Anyone Who Gives a Shit About Justice by Ajai Raj.

Ajai Raj — great name by the way — is the kid who had the balls (and the bad taste) to ask Ann Coulter about ass-fucking at her recent intentionally incidiary stage show at UT Austin. As Steve Guillard said in the the comments section of his blog on this event, “[…] the kids in the audience took her seriously. This guy got the point that this was a show and he upstaged her.”

And from the Burnt Orange Reports comments:

Arresting that student was wrong, period. He should have just been kicked out. Where does it end? This sets a bad precedent. What he was said was indeed immature and vulgar, but guess what, folks–he has the right to say it. Personally, I would have asked, “How do you feel about heterosexual marriages where the husband repeatedly rapes his wife, beats her and denigrates her? Is that better than two homosexuals getting married?”

Regarding the argument that there were children in the room–I’m sure that hearing hate speech from Ann Coulter will make more of an impression that “f*ck” “ass” or masturbatory gestures. They are too young to understand that–but mommy and daddy embracing “values” and speech such as killing liberals and converting Arabs to Christianity and killing their leaders is something they may vaguely understand now, and will stick with them, rather than lewd actions and speech.


It’s all very funny, especially since its the Ann Coulters and the Antonin Scalias of the world, as well as the Republican/Bigot Party who are truly obsessed with the behavior now so verbally and colorfully tossed back at them and who want to put people in prison for it. Maybe we should now put these true “instigators” and “outside agitators” in jail under the newly expanded and capitalized offenses of “Bad Taste,” “Disruptive” and “Lewd Conduct” and, most ominous, “Crossing the Line.

I say kick Chris Matthews out on the street and give this kid a show on cable. So he’s got a criminal record — it’s a good way to start off in the broadcasting business; just ask Chuck Colson, G. Gordon Liddy, and Oliver North.