Anti-war cafe opens in the shadow of Fort Hood

    Under the Hood opened in Feb. in Killeen TX, just outside of Ft. Hood. See their web site at to find out more, including how to donate.    

The New Evernote

    Check out Evernote, a great way to clip info, save links, collect quotes, etc. The free version is quite functional for most folks, and there are versions for Mac, iPhone, Blackberry, other mobile devices. Sync online — awesome!    

Daily Kos: To John Mackey at Whole Foods

    “Mr. Mackey, you just shat all over your best customers….I predict the next few weeks of your life are going to suck, immensely.”

Yeah, it’s going to be fun watching Mackey walk this back.

Boycott diary:
Facebook boycott page:    

Rush Limbaugh sez: Democratic Party uses Adolf Hitler's playbook, are exactly like the Nazis | Crook

    Why is this a**hole still on Armed Forces Radio every day? And how do we get him off?    

Op-Ed Columnist – How Long Is Long Enough? –

    Done in our name, to this day: “There is no credible evidence against Jawad, and his torture-induced confession has rightly been ruled inadmissible by a military judge. But the Obama administration does not feel that he has suffered enough.”