White House Confirms: Deal With Big Pharma Bars Price Negotiations

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    Obama doesn’t know who his fucking friends are. While big pharma funds and stokes racist crazies with guns, his people are negotiating with the same companies in selling out average Americans.    

Stop the race baiting!

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DownWithTyranny!: Max Baucus Kills The Public Option?

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    “Just now some poor woman from the DSCC called soliciting money from me to help elect more Democrats so they could complete the work that we started by electing president Obama and enact the policies Americans care about most. I asked her what those policies were. She seemed stunned by [sic] eventually she said “health care.” I asked her how many Democrats were in the Senate. She didn’t know. I asked her if she knew who Max Baucus is. She didn’t. I asked for her supervisor. He said he’d pass my misgivings along… to someone. If you hear from the DSCC let them know why you won’t be donating to their scam.”    

White House declines to disclose visits by health industry executives – Los Angeles Times

Source: www.latimes.com
    So much for that unprecedented transparency we were going to get from Obama. Next time someone from the DNC or Organizing for America asks for money, send a check to CREW instead. They at least are fighting to keep those fuckers honest.    

Think Progress » Podesta: ‘We Just Can’t Settle’ For Excuses From The Democratic Leadership

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    Whoa! Podesta smack down of Dem leadership — Reid, Obama.    

Criticism misses point | NewsOK.com

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    Good commentary from former governor about Obama’s Cairo speech, addressed to the kneejerk anti Obama Oklahomans who pounced on it as weak, who probably didn’t read or hear it in full, but just got the Limbaugh notes.