12 May 2011 ~ Comments Off

Welcome Malee


div.slideshow {border: 1px solid black; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom:86px;}div.slideshow-thumbnails {height:86px;bottom:-86px} The Oklahoma City Zoo’s new baby elephant, born on April 15, now has a name, Malee. I visited on Tuesday, my first trip to the OKC zoo believe it or not. I know I’ve been here a few years, but I really haven’t gone anywhere or done anything until this… Read the rest

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05 April 2011 ~ 3 Comments

My “local” grocery store is 2.2 miles away, or 4.5+ hours round trip by foot

According to Google Maps, I can hop in my car and get to a nice Homeland Supermarket in 8 minutes. Lucky me. Not all my neighbors are that fortunate, and I got a real clear picture of that last Friday. Getting ready for fundraiser on Saturday, on Friday, which was April 1, I headed for the printer and at pretty… Read the rest

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04 April 2011 ~ 1 Comment

Citizens United comes to the heartland

In their decision in Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, the Supreme Court of John Roberts twisted the knife in for the kill of representative democracy in this country. Literally giving paper entities, corporations, more rights than actual persons by allowing unlimited, unregulated and unsourced money into political races resulted in political carnage in federal and gubernatorial races across… Read the rest

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25 February 2011 ~ Comments Off

A clear signal for voters

The Oklahoman has made its endorsements in the OKC city council race. I think most of you reading this know what that means relative to your vote. Do your homework and vote — early voting starts today and election day is Tuesday. Peace Arena has an endorsement only for the Ward 2 race: Dr. Ed. Shadid, who will… Read the rest

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20 November 2010 ~ Comments Off

Job opening for parent of gay or lesbian youth

Oklahoma City needs its PFlag chapter revived (or even a local contact/representative listed on the national site). Now more than ever. If you are a parent of a glbt or questioning child, and want to make a real difference for thousands of other such kids, you’d go a long way before finding something better to do with your time.… Read the rest

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02 October 2010 ~ 1 Comment

Congratulations to Joy Mennonite Church of OKC for 20 years of faith and action

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Joy Mennonite Church in OKC. If you have ever been helped, supported or just impressed by their work or members, it would be a good time to stop by and say thanks and many more! The festivities begin with service at 10 AM, then a lunch and more. I’m an atheist, but the Christians… Read the rest

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24 July 2009 ~ 3 Comments

The Oklahoman’s pity party

An open letter to the OKC Council & mayor:
Dear Oklahoma City Council members and Mayor Mick Cornett: “Pity the members of the Oklahoma City Council.” Thus began an editorial, stunning in its contempt for democracy, published today in The Oklahoman, which decreed that the location of the Crosstown is a done deal, and it’s a waste of
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04 July 2009 ~ 2 Comments

Photos from Oklahoma City July 4 Tea Party

If you can’t see the slideshow, go to this page.… Read the rest

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02 June 2009 ~ 1 Comment

Vigil and peace walk for Okie War Resister Joshua Key

With apologies for the last minute nature of this event, you are invited to join us to support an Oklahoma man who is one of the Iraq war resisters in Canada who is facing deportation. Let’s show support for one of our own. [And please pass this info on if you have time in the short time frame.] Date/time: 10-11… Read the rest

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