Pink Wave spreads pro-choice, pro-family message to legislators

[For a gallery view of the photos, see my Picasa album.]

Billed as a “Pink Wave” because of the color of their t-shirts and signs, supporters of real family values gathered at the Capitol today to address the anti-women and anti-families legislation that is becoming the stock in trade of the Oklahoma legislature. The event was sponsored and organized by the Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice and Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma. Participating organizations included Trust Women PAC, Reproductive Health Coalition, ACLU of Oklahoma, National Advocates for Pregnant Women, Tulsa Reproductive Services, Sally’s List, Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice, Oklahoma Federation of Democratic Women.

Speakers included Martha Skeeters, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice; Rep. Emily Virgin; Senator Judy Eason McIntyre; Sen. Jim Wilson; Tamya Cox, ACLU of Oklahoma; Sen. Connie Johnson; Kelly Jennings, Oklahoma Religious Coalition for Reproductive Justice; and Joanna Wall, Oklahoma Coalition for Reproductive Justice.

Approximately 200 attended the noon event, including mothers of young children, students, clergy, current and retired legislators, public service workers, health care workers, attorneys and veterans.

2 thoughts on “Pink Wave spreads pro-choice, pro-family message to legislators

  1. Johnie Beth Matthews

    It was a pleasure taking pictures w/ you. Your camera is so much better than mine. The lighting was too dark for my old digital. However, I posted them on FB under my name Johnie Beth Matthews. 200! I wished it had been more than double that number. Nancy and I got my first backlash from an old Tea Bagger and his Tea Bag wife. They are very rude and vile + violent. I am going to have to practice more Om mani padme hung. . . for my safety.

    • Rena Post author

      Thanks, Johnnie Beth. It was nice meeting you in person. For photos, the trick is to take LOTS of pictures (what you see here is just the cream of the crop), while paying attention to the light. It’s tricky indoors with florescent and other light sources (or lack thereof).

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