Sisterhood is powerful!

That was the rallying cry, back in the day. And by so claiming, and believing, they were powerful. It was an amazing period of history, when women got fed up with being exploited second-class citizens and took to the streets, the factory floors and the voting booths for their own and other womens’ lives and rights.

What happened to that power? Well, that’s another post. This one is about remembering the past when women got significant things done, not just for themselves, their own home or workplace, or their own narrow political constituency (like “feminist” Sarah Palin), but for all women everywhere (for even when their changes were ostensibly on a company, state or national level, the change in consciousness toward women was global). Just recognizing that women were a political class was an incredible revolution that rocked governments to their core.

In today’s Parade magazine I discovered a small clip about an upcoming film about a particular battle in this war for sexual equality, and how it changed everything: Made In Dagenham. To be released in this country on Dec. 17, and who knows when it will get to Oklahoma City, but look for it. Take your daughters (and sons) to see it, so they might be inspired to continue the ongoing struggle for justice and equality for all.