OKC Rally against Citizens United Ruling, photos and thoughts

Today’s “We the People” rally featured some great speeches from activists local and national. Too bad there was such poor attendance — about 150, I estimate. Rev. Robin Meyers’ speech was very thoughtful, Rep. Pittman was like a preacher herself with some great motivational oratory(despite the unfortunate habit of calling the SCOTUS justices “justices of the peace”), and Max Blumenthal and David Cobb, the out of towners, set the Citizens United ruling in historical and social context. The content from the podium was as good as any rally I’ve attended/viewed in D.C. or elsewhere.

I wish I wasn’t so depressed and stressed, I could do more than complain about the progressive scene in Central OK. Thanks to Barbara McKay, Susan McCann, Steve Hunt for getting the event together, and to all others who organized on this end. Rev. Robin Meyers, Rep. Anastasia Pittman and Reggie Cervantes were locals who spoke and did a great job rallying the sparse troops, giving a lot of motivation and energy with their tireless commitment and passion. And thanks to Max Blumenthal and David Cobb who made the trip here for what must have seemed pretty lame turnout, even for a state as red as OK.

There continues to be a lack of communication tools for getting turnout to such events, but without enough folks with sustained energy and will to fight against the tide, nothing will change.

We The People Rally

I was told that most of the speeches were taped, and hope to be able to listen to them again, because they did the job of a rally speech quite well. Maybe with a recording, we can at least spread their message to all those Oklahoma progressives who weren’t there — and make them sorry enough to have missed it that they will be sure to make it to the next one.

Susan McCann posted this note on the Facebook page for the event:

TODAY we reached beyond Party and Administration on an issue that transcends and requires urgency of action. We were honored to have such a diverse, interesting and informed group of speakers and want to thank each of them for attending.

Photos and Video will be posted tomorrow and emailed to all.

Thanks from Change Oklahoma and We the People- Oklahoma.

Susan McCann

4 thoughts on “OKC Rally against Citizens United Ruling, photos and thoughts

  1. David

    Great event. Nice writeup and photo album! The speeches were super.

  2. David

    Great event. Nice writeup and photo album! The speeches were super.

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