New site offers Oklahoma hub for alternative news, views and action

Hey, there’s a new website in Oklahoma that Peace Arena readers might be interested in. Its goal is to advance progressive/liberal/independent perspectives in our state, filling a pretty big hole left by the traditional outlets. It is an ad-free, all-volunteer effort.

Oklahoma Citizen already has been getting a lot of buzz during a limited site reveal among the progressive community. You can register to comment or post content, and help make the site THE place for finding out what’s going on in terms of the values and people we care about most (you aren’t going to find that in the existing corporate media, ya know).

So check it out and help make this site a big success. It will really take all of us lefties pitching and contributing content and comment. Oh, and you can fan Oklahoma Citizen on Facebook here.

Full disclosure: I have been helping get the site started.

Oklahoma Citizen