The Oklahoman having 'difficulty' with Kennedy's liberal legacy

I know you all will be shocked by this, but The Oklahoman has used the occasion of Ted Kennedy’s death to question his political contributions to the nation and bash liberals.

“…estimating Kennedy’s historic imprint is difficult — and not just because we and millions of Americans not living on either coast disagreed with him on the size and reach of government. …”

Funny thing, no one, including the editorial board of The Oklahoman or the morons at Fox News, is having any difficulty with their assessments: radical rightwingers are trashing him, and everyone else is praising his service to country and remarking on his effectiveness in the Senate (something we could use more of, as that body now is principally designed to make sure nothing ever happens). Few of even the most ardent leftwingers are failing to note Kennedy’s tragic flaws and notable mistakes, but these are most tragic because of his huge “historic imprint.” But, like most people capable of civil decency when the balance is clearly on the positive end of the measure, they note accomplishments when the body is still warm and don’t take cheap shots — even those “millions of Americans not living on either coast.”

Kennedy’s legislative accomplishments, which are considerable, have and will continue to contribute great value, and lessen suffering, in the lives of all Americans. Yes, even those living far from salt water.

Speaking of stupid claims, there are “millions of Americans not living on either coast” who did and do agree with Ted Kennedy “on the size and reach of government” (and vice versa) — unlike what this typically propagandistic editorial in The Oklahoman tries to posit.