Drinking Liberally: Tulsa is one of "Five Cities We Want"

Email from the OKC chapter organizer about Oklahoma’s participation in the lively liberal social networking group.

Any Tulsa readers want to get this going over there? There are resources and a basic how to over on the web site.

Hi All,

There is a blog post on the National Drinking Liberally site “Five Cities We Want” that has five of the largest cities in the USA listed without a chapter and one of them is Tulsa. So if you know anyone in Tulsa that could start a chapter let them know. It is amazingly easy to get a chapter started and not all that much work to keep it going.

Also, I have been having a lot of fun on Facebook, so I started a Oklahoma City Drinking Liberally Facebook page. If you like playing around in Facebook, you can join the group here. At the moment, I am the only member, so it is kind of lonely in there at the moment.

We had another good turnout last week, so it wasn’t lonely at Oklahoma City Drinking Liberally. Join us for a buck seventy-five pint between 5PM and 7PM. See you at the Bricktown Brewery Tuesday at the downstairs bar. All are welcome and as always, just look for the big guy at the bar with the Drinking Liberal Bottle in front of him and you will find a friend. See you there.


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