Giving Pete Seeger his just reward: a Nobel Peace Prize

Seriously, who deserves that baby more than Pete Seeger, who has literally taught the world to sing, and created much harmony, tonal and otherwise.

The goal is to get the American Friends Service Committee, which is a rad outfit that won the prize in 1918 or so, to nominate him, because they are one of the few rad outfits that have won (I mean they gave one to Henry Kissinger, fer gawd’s sake), and only past winners can nominate others.

If you didn’t see the performance Seeger gave at the Inaugural last week with Bruce Springsteen, leading two million people in Woody Guthrie’s “This Land is Your Land,” please, stop right now and watch it. If that doesn’t inspire you to joy and doing good, and make you want to honor this man for his lifetime of service to humanity, nothing will.

Please note that the Nobel prize is given only to living people, and Pete is 89.

[This is one of several posts I have made about Pete Seeger. I guess I’ll officially dub him with the small honor I can bestoy here: the first Peace Arena series.]