All that's left are the pardons

[Updates below.]

I’m oddly compelled to stare at the countdown clock that currently sits in the left sidebar of this site. In less than 24 hours now, we will be rid of the nightmare of having George W. Bush leading and destroying the free world simultaneously.

This time tomorrow we’ll know who he’s pardoning as his final eff-you to everyone who isn’t within his little cabal of crooks and sadists. Ted Stevens is a sure bet. Certainly Scooter Libby and Alberto Gonzalez will be able to enjoy the rest of their sick lives in comfort.

But will he find a way to pre-emptively pardon himself and his entire administration from future prosecution for war crimes? I’m guessing this is one thing he will manage not to screw up. After all, this time, finally, his own neck is on the line.

Updated to include a more watchable countdown clock (and actually more accurate about the moment of transition):

Bush countdown created by James Miller

Update 2: I’m shocked at news that Bush has pardoned two border agents (for a horrendous murder), and has said no other pardons will be forthcoming. That means Ted Stevens will go to jail! And we can still hope Bush Administration officials will too.

Update 3: Atrios’ explanation makes sense:

If, in fact, there are no more pardons coming I won’t be completely surprised. Pardoning the people below him would remove any 5th amendment reasons to not testify, and Bush has never shown much sign of giving a shit about other people.