Beastly loathsome list

Who would you pick as the 50 most loathsome people in America last year?

Saving us considerably in disgust and time, The Beast gets it about right with a list that starts with Obama at #50 and ends with Sarah Palin getting the big honor — no Miss Congeniality for Miss Wasilla this time, she’s at the top of the ticket.

When Bernie Madoff is #10, you know it’s been a really good year for loathsomeness.

I think Keith Olbermann as #37, three spots more loathsome than the guy, is just wrong, but then I’m biased in favor of KO, and learned from the list that the vile #40 is not only annoying as hell, but scamming desperate people while skirting the law. And you can turn Olbermann off and he stops talking to you. Those damn “songs” are probably in your brain the rest of your life, short of a lobotomy.