Oklahoma political news roundup

There’s some debate among Dems about the level of support the Oklahoma party got from the Obama campaign.


On Daily Kos, Oklahoma’s election results get yet another round of analysis/condemnation


Oklahoma Republican Congressman Tom Cole resigns as chair of NRCC, where he was in charge of getting more R’s elected to the House. Yes, an epic fail, but not completely his fault. Nonetheless, much rejoicing throughout the land.


With the election on Nov. 4, the Republicans took over majority control of the Oklahoma Senate. If you thought it was a boy’s club before, look out. There is not a single female Republican state Senator.


Blue states write a letter to red states. Pretty one-sided, but a lot of truth, and funny.


I haven’t had the heart to visit Andrew Rice’s website since the election. I gulped hard and checked it today. Teared up at the note he left us anyway.


Vote in the Okie Funk poll “Select the best idea from the list below for turning Oklahoma into a blue state.” Choose between


  • Reach out to younger voters
  • Run television and radio ads promoting progressive values
  • Create new progressive online media sites
  • Challenge the state’s conservative corporate media in an organized effort
  • Create more progressive-leaning think tanks in Oklahoma


If ever a poll needed an “All of the above” option, that one does!