Give HARRY (& his Senate friends) hell

So, we’re all disgusted at the Dems caving once again. The diaries and comments on this site will be red hot on the topic for days.

But what real action can we take? Preferably something immediate, rather than two or four in the future.

One thing I did was unsubscribe from Harry’s Reid’s “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry” list. You can do so here. If enough of us do it today and tomorrow, he might sense some unhappiness in the ranks.

Another project I heard about was Laugh at Lieberman. I don’t know if I understand the efficacy of this tactic, but it’s out there. I report, you decide.

What other ideas have you come up with or heard about? I’ve collected some after the fold. Post yours in comments.

<strong>Ideas found and added</strong>

Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake <a href=””>asks you to pledge</a> to work against Lieberman’s reelection in 2012

Daily Kos diarist justmy2 has created the <a href=”″>perfect form letter response </a>to those appeals we all get for money from Democrats.

thegelding has the link for <a href=””>unsubcribing from DSCC</a>.

True Majority has created a way to <a href=””>thank those Senators who spoke out or voted against Joe and for us</a>, Leahy and Sanders.