Dems mete out Lieberman's punishment

Oh, the humanity!

  • We will give you an ice cream cone. However, no sprinkles. And when you eat your ice cream cone, wishing you had sprinkles for it, maybe you’ll think about what you’ve done.
  • You are no longer allowed to hang your coat in the Democratic Caucus cloakroom. You must hang your coat on a hook which we have had installed next to the cloakroom for your convenience.
  • Your parking space has been moved two rows back. We think the extra 19 steps each morning will give you a lot of time to reflect on your actions.
  • Your committee meetings and hearings will now be aired only on CSPAN3 — the MTV2 of CSPANs.
  • The next time you go on Hannity’s show on Fox News and proclaim that President Obama is a terrorist-sympathizing, baby-eating, grandma-raper, we reserve the right to be quoted by the Washington Post saying that although you are a very good guy and a close personal friend, that your comments were probably not fully accurate. So THERE.

Actually, Turncoat Joe’s punishment was not nearly as harsh as that. Seriously.