Oklahoma on Obama

Just for kicks I did a Google news search on Oklahoma+Obama.

Well, after editing to remove all the sports crap, I got quite the collection. Here’s a sample:

Racists rise. The Oklahoma woman who was killed in Louisiana during a Klan initiation which may be part of a backlash to an Obama presidency. The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks the KKK, says that racist incidents are rising. And the Christian Science Monitor reports

Supremacist propaganda is already on the upswing. In Oklahoma, fringe groups have distributed anti-Obama propaganda through newspapers and taped it to home mail boxes. Ugly incidents such as cross-burnings, assassination betting pools, and Obama effigies are also being reported from Maine to Alabama.

Oklahoma: Love it red or leave it. Progressive Obama supporter Robin Meyers wrote a column entitled “Dead wrong and proud of it” for the Oklahoma Gazette, commenting on our state’s election results being out of whack with the prevailing trend. So several commenters misinterpreted what he said and told him to move out of state and take his un-Okie values with him. And so it goes…

Dog gone. A bit less traumatic, but still … a Tulsa blogger went to buy an Obama shirt for her dog at Cafepress, and found “hate rhetoric” even amidst the pet wear.

We got your scalpers, right here. Those more positive about Obama moving into the White House are suggesting that it might be easier to get tickets to the inauguration from an usual source — say Republican legislators in, uh, Oklahoma.

Every member of Congress, Democrat and Republican, gets a certain number of tickets. You know the Democrats are going to maxed out – so try to get them from members of Congress in states that didn’t vote for Obama.

I mean, how many people from Oklahoma think this is the nation’s biggest historical moment?

Win-win. This guy should totally get a ticket and front-row seat:  A 103 year old grandson of slaves who lived to vote for and see a black man elected to the presidency. Robert Jones said he never thought it would happen. “Not in my day. Not in my day,” he said. “I never thought I would see it in my time.”

Robert, this one’s for you.