Sarah Palin punked

Well, better her than us, which is what it would be if she were to be elected VP. And the past 8 years have been one loooong prank call by George W. Bush, if you ask me.

She actually thought the president of France would call her to shoot the breeze and plan a hunting trip.

If she and her staff can’t vet a damn phone call, or know when they’re being played for a fool (which wasn’t hard to catch) how do you think they are going to keep this country safe from, like, actual bad guys who don’t throw out a hint every other second?

C’est la vie, indeed. Here’s political historian Lawrence O’Donnell on Rachel Maddow Show last night explaining how VP candidates have no future in national politics. Yay! I feel much better. Pertinent part starts about 3:30 in.

O’Donnell was just on MSNBC talking about this phone call and he said that Palin’s staff is the worst in modern political history. According to him, if Palin or anyone around her had “gotten out of town more” they would know what a fake French accent that was. Touché!

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