Following the election online

I get most of my news about the upcoming election from blogs (as I get most of my news in general). Here are the ones I follow most closely for information and analysis of the campaigns, media coverage and polls. (No particular order, but my top recommendations for those with limited time are indicated with *.)

Obviously, these are left-leaning blogs, so the opinion slants towards the Democrats, though there has been plenty of criticism of the Obama campaign and of downticket candidates published on these blogs, and throughout the netroots — certainly a great deal more of that kind of thing than you’ll find on right-wing blogs.

As with any source, traditional or new media, obtaining information online requires one to use judgment and assess statements against known facts, etc. etc.

To that end, I use Wikipedia, Congresspedia,, PolitiFact and Open Secrets to verify things I’ve read, or dig deeper. When necessary, the government sites are available for primary sources of legislation, press releases, etc.

If any readers have further suggestions, or issues with my list, please use comments to share.

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