Judge denies motions for new trial for WM3

Bad news on Wednesday for the West Memphis Three and their supporters. Motions for a new trial, based on recent DNA evidence, were denied by a circuit court judge.

In Echols’ Order, the Judge claimed “the Petitioner’s DNA testing results are not compelling evidence that he would be acquitted.”  Judge Burnett also refused to consider the jury issues: “The Court agrees with the State that it cannot entertain the Petitioner’s juror bias and misconduct claims under the DNA-testing statute and that the Court’s consideration of them in any proceeding is foreclosed by law of the case.”

According to reports, the defense team will appeal.

I would like to see a benefit concert in Oklahoma for the WM3, such support events continually being held across the country (there is a musical tie-in to the case, as the three were convicted in large part for their interest in goth music and culture). Unfortunately, I have absolutely no musical connections. If any other Okies are interested, please let me know. I’d help with publicity and logistics.