9-11 Remembrances

Today most media outlets aired some kind of 9-11 themed programming. I heard that MSNBC even re-broadcast the NBC news coverage from seven years ago (which I watched live) . I was pretty busy today with my mother, but even when near a TV, I either didn’t watch anything or resorted to Bravo for a more innocuous form of “reality” tv.

I guess I just don’t understand the desire of some people to see those images again, to revisit the shock and revulsion. But some seem to even get some kind of patriotic thrill out of it.

I know I have a pathological condition that leads me to avoid thinking about or dealing with unpleasantness, so I’m not saying my reaction is right. But, outside of feeling great sympathy for those who lost loved ones in the event, I just don’t want dwell on it, today, or any day, even in a context which is trying to sanctify it (which usually fails, in my opinion).

I did watch the special dialog on public service at which both Obama and McCain were questioned on their thoughts about service, and their ideas about promoting service once they are president.

I thought this had the right touch, politics was kept to a minimum, and both men spoke very eloquently about the topic, both obviously having given the subject much thought. I was glad that all kinds of service was discussed, and military service noted as just one option among them. I was glad that the two moderators asked about the dissing of community organizers by Sarah Palin in her speech at the RNC, calling it out, even with McCain, for what it was.

The discussion was marred for me only by the fact that one participant’s actions in the campaign do not reflect his high-sounding words. But perhaps it is uncivil of me to notice on such a hallowed day.