McSame is suddenly agent of change? No!

  • Economy tanking
  • Lobbyists influence
  • War without end
  • no body armor
  • environment in crisis
  • loss of habeas corpus
  • government spying on citizens
  • no accountability for law-breaking

McCain participated in or supported all. NOT change we can believe in.

2 thoughts on “McSame is suddenly agent of change? No!

  1. T Town Tommy

    Barack Obama in a speech this morning commented on the recent repackaging of McCain as someone who is going to bring change with a record in being lock step with the far right with his voting record and past comments. He’s a real Maverick all right…

    Barack Obama has been about change since early in his campaign not in just the last couple of weeks. A fact that McCain’s spinners would like for you to overlook and now buy into a new slickly produced and choreographed distortion of the real and documented McCain.

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