Oklahoman footnoting letters with liberal views

The radical conservative editors at the Oklahoman obviously don’t think they have a big enough microphone, despite the fact that 100% of their editorial board, all syndicated columnists and all inhouse content is conservative/Republican. No, they have to even add footnotes to the rare liberal letters they do print in order to try to discredit their content or authors. They do this all the time, and I’m going to start keeping track.

Today’s example is a letter from Clinton Hays of Oklahoma City, which references Robert Greenwald’s documentary about Fox News, Outfoxed. Hays overtly (and correctly) says the film (along with others he names) is of the “liberal” persuasion, but that’s not good enough for the Oklahoman. They think their readers also need to know that the film was distributed (not produced, just distributed!) by MoveOn.org, the group most reviled by Republicans because its large membership means it can actually have some clout in the civic arena.

Is the footnote true? Yes. Is it the least bit relevant or does it correct any misrepresentation in the letter? No. It’s only purpose is to further the paper’s own conservative agenda of liberal-bashing for fun and profit.

Letters to the Editor: Friday, Sept. 5, 2008 | NewsOK.com.

Research easy

Mike Jones (Your Views, Aug. 28) wrote that “Mr. and Mrs. Average American” are too busy to do political research. I disagree. With the Internet and Web sites like procon.org and candidate Web sites, it’s easy to do a little research. As for Fox News, Jones needs to look more into Rupert Murdoch and his practices. A scathing look at Fox can be found in the documentary “Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.” Noam Chomsky and the makers of the film “Myth of the Liberal Media” do a great job of presenting a clear picture of how the media operate. Sure, these can be labeled as “liberal” movies, but they’re telling the truth, however liberal it may seem.Finally, maybe it’s time we ended partisan bickering and tried working together.

Clinton Hays, Oklahoma City

The “Outfoxed” movie is distributed by Moveon.org.

Emphasis added.

I have no problem with the Oklahoman footnoting letters to provide needed clarity or correction. I’d like to see them used on some of the irrational, untrue radical-right tripe they print regularly. But to use them to add gratuitous bias to what is already a completely far right op-ed section is unfair and unprofessional, not to mention juvenile.

I hope my readers will join me in contacting the paper to protest.


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