Loose lips

Sarah Palin gave her speech to the RNC tonight, a speech written for someone else, that was, it is generally agreed, snide in tone, disrespectful, and full of lies and distortions.  So of course the GOP’s religious right base ate it up like candy.

The expectation was that she was going to play the victim (of the media) and go for the sympathy vote. But instead she went on the attack and, thank goodness, because now the Democrats can go after her with the same ferocity. Game on!

But Sarah’s canned speech wasn’t the biggest shocker of the day. That goes to Peggy Noonan and Mike Murphy, GOP talking heads, who were unknowingly baring their souls on an open mic to Chuck Todd on on MSNBC. What made this oops moment particularly poignant, was that in today’s column in the Wall Street Journal, Noonan was being quite the apologist for Palin.

And, thanks to new media — specifically the glory of YouTube — we have the exchange forever immortalized. Let’s just call this video “Busted” shall we? Remember it every time you see some partisan hack spinning for all they’re worth on tv.