Jim Inhofe eats crow for McCain

Our own ultra-conservative stalwart is one of the few GOP members in high office willing to show their face at RNC, though doing so means swallowing his pride .

Sen. Jim Inhofe says he has made peace with John McCain, the presumptive Republican nominee, whom Inhofe has sparred with in the past over global warming and other issues.

Inhofe, R-Okla., once predicted that McCain could not win the GOP nomination, reasoning that his background on some issues would not sit well with activist conservatives.

And here’s a fine example of delusional thinking:

“And later on, I ran into John in the cloak room and he said: ‘Look, Jimmy, we’ve had our differences of opinion…but I’m going to be president and you’re going to be chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and we’re going to need each other.”

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Dream on, you old fogies!