Firefox 3

Download Day - English
I have just downloaded Firefox 3, wanting to be part of the big day, and the (hopefully) breaking of the Guinness record. But I don’t think I’ll install it yet.

There are bound to be bugs and other kinks to work out with the new version, and some extensions that aren’t ported yet.

And I’ve already had my cookies destroyed a couple of times so far this month. Not in the mood for more backend repair work.

But my FF install is highly customized, so don't any FF virgin out there take my experience and trepidation today as an excuse not to use the best browser. Firefox is lean and fast, there are thousands of extensions to make it work even better for your particular needs (although you shouldn't be intimidated as only a handful are really must-haves, imo). And you will be part of an open-source movement that is not unrelated to the broader netroots and open democracy efforts you probably support if you are reading this blog.

I do still have Internet Explorer installed, if for no other reason that I'm still using Windows (yes, yes, my techie friends, I know that's lame) and it's unavoidable for OS-related sites. But I have not upgraded to 7, and I won't until and unless I have to. If anyone asks my help, and have IE 7 and Vista, they are SOL, and I have no pity.

Get a real browser! There's no excuse, because it's free.