is temporarily down

[Update: back up as of about 5AM June 2.]

I do some tech work for my friend James M. Branum, writer of the long time Oklahoma progressive blog,, so I found out before he did that his site was down on Saturday.

Turns out that there was a fire at the data center where some of the servers of the web hosting company are located, and, while the servers themselves weren't damaged (thank goodness), the power source for large areas of the center is toast. They've been working over the weekend to get things moved, and temporary power connected, but as of this writing, the site is still down.

Fortunately, I hadn't got around to moving his main business site over to that server yet, so is working fine.

James has an old backup Blogger blog that we will use in the interim to post any updates or news that can't wait. You can find that here.