'Funnel of Love' by Wanda Jackson should be official Oklahoma Rock Song

Inspired by Dustbury, and applying my activist bent to the idea, I want to get Wanda Jackson's Funnel of Love selected as the Oklahoma Rock Song, which is being sponsored by the Oklahoma History Center. But first we have to get it nominated by as many cool Oklahomans as possible. That's you, right? So go enter it!

We really don't want a repeat of that embarrassing watermelon/vegetable thing, now do we? Think how cool Oklahoma would look by (1) picking a song by a under-appreciated, shitkicking talent like Wanda (and we could take credit for getting her the R & R Hall of Fame spot she deserves), and (2) making fun of ourselves and our habit of getting in the way of tornadoes. Oh, and (3) She dated Elvis, y'all!

Dustbury has an mp3 of the recorded version of Funnel of Love. Wish I could find a video of the song from that era. But here's another vintage performance from Wanda that shows how freaking cool she was (I'm sure she still is, but you know what I mean).

Now,go nominate her while you're still smilin'!

The reasons I used are the ones suggested by Dustbury: From and living in OK, Okie Roy Clark plays, and tornado as metaphor. I shoulda dropped Elvis' name; you can add that in.