TV worth watching 3/21 – 24, W is for War edition

Bill Moyer's Journal

Week of Friday, March 21

On this Friday's show, Moyers interviews the makers of the new documentary Body of War.

I am so excited about this film. The vet profiled in it came to Camp Casey and got married there. You see several shots from Crawford in the trailer.

In the March 21, 2008 broadcast (check local listings) Bill Moyers interviews former talk show host Phil Donahue and Ellen Spiro on the true cost of war and their documentary, BODY OF WAR, depicting the moving story of one veteran dealing with the aftermath of war. With extensive excerpts from the film, the filmmakers talk about Iraq war veteran Tomas Young who was shot and paralyzed less than a week into his tour of duty. Three years in the making, BODY OF WAR tells the poignant tale of the young man