Wayne Coyne of Flaming Lips helps out Andrew Rice, OK-Sen

Most left-leaning blog readers have already heard about the progressive Democrat who's challenging ultra-conservative Oklahoma Senator James Inhofe. Andrew Rice has already generated lots of enthusiasm at Daily Kos, as well at at Firedoglake, Crooks & Liars and other Netroots blogs, as well as at ActBlue.

But as young, dynamic and compelling as Andrew is, it will be a tough campaign in a traditionally “red” state against a well-funded, entrenched opponent. He needs help from inside and outside of the state for the resources to compete and win.

Fortunately there are other young and dynamic Oklahoma progressives who are pitching in to help support Andrew. One you may have already heard of: Flaming Lips founder and singer, Wayne Coyne, who grew up and still lives in Oklahoma City.

Andrew Rice

Young Professionals Reception Benefiting Andrew Rice Senate Campaign
Featuring Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips!

$50 per attendee

Tuesday, March 11, 2008
Time: 5:30pm – 7:30pm
Host: Ogle and Welch, P.C.
Location: Ogle and Welch Law Office, 117 Park Ave., 3rd Floor, Oklahoma City, OK [Map]

Coyne and his wife Michelle will be the special guests at this benefit. If you are in Oklahoma, you will not want to miss it!

But if you are not in Oklahoma, you can still help. Please head over to the campaign web donation form, or Act Blue, and give what you can.

Either way, please help spread the word and let's give Andrew all the support and resources he needs to become Oklahoma's next Senator — because he will be a great one, and.

Imagine all the heads that will explode when that happens!

ActBlue Attend/Donate

Facebook event page

Andrew Rice Campaign Website

Event sponsors:
Aaron and Laura Bailey, Lou Barlow, Cody and Kelly Barnett, Mike and Page Bass, Leslie Blair, Phillip Bohanon, Scott and Jennifer Booker, Dave and Jenny Chansolme, Phillip and Maggie Clayton, Wayne and Michelle Coyne, Joe and Lori Hodges, Graham Colton and Betsy Hoehn, Representative Joe Dorman, Charlie and Laurie Givens, Christian and Amy Guzzy, Joe Hartman, Representative Ryan and Allison Kiesel, Mark Mann, Sean and Leslie Mossman, Richard Ogden, Kirk and Angie Olson, Kent Potter, Corporation Commissioner Jim Roth, Jennifer and Greg Seal, Todd Townsend, Kristen Walters, Josh and Jennifer Welch

Also in orange at DKos.