Once upon a Wild Wednesday

Back in the early 80s, during a phase when friends and I went to the gay bars in Orlando regularly, one of our favorite songs to dance to was I Eat Cannibals by Total Coelo. Okay, one of my favorite songs … to the point of obsession. If I could get the DJ to play the extended version more than once, it was a very good night.

So I just looked at the video for the song on YouTube and was horrified to find it's a really awful piece of work by five women with no talent for singing, dancing, or fashion, even by the standards of the time. (Maybe if I'd seen that video back then I would have been snapped to my senses.)

And no, I was not taking drugs at the time! Although I would have to take drugs now in order to watch that again.

But, damn, it was so much fun while it lasted.