Texas students march over 7 miles to vote

What an inspiring story! Faced with a lot of anti-democratic procedural roadblocks to try to keep them from voting, students (mostly African Americans) from Texas A&M University in Prairie View A&M University march 7.3 miles to the nearest polling place to cast their votes in the Democratic primary.

1000 students, along with an additional 1000 friends and supporters, are this morning walking the 7.3 miles between Prairie View and Hempstead in order to vote today. According to the piece I saw on the news (there's no video up, so I can't link to it), the students plan to all vote today. There are only 2 machines available at the courthouse for early voting, so they hope to tie them up all day and into the night.

Thanks to the students' efforts, with a little help from the Federal Government, additional early voting sites will be open (just not right away):

Go read, click through the links to the mainstream news reports, photos and videos. I'm sure you will be as moved as I was.