Recycling bill to be considered 2/18 by OK House subcommittee

Action alert from the Oklahoma Recycling Association (OKRA):

Our long-awaited bill to set a voluntary recycling goal for Oklahoma is coming up in the Oklahoma House Sub-Committee of Environment and Wildlife this coming Monday, February 18. If you are from the area represented by any of the following people or know any of them personally, please email or call them this week-end and ask them to Vote YES in the Committee. We need this bill to be passed so we will have a vehicle through which to collect the recycling data in Oklahoma and find out what our percentage of materials recycled really is. We are one of only two states that has no recycling goal. The authors are Sen Susan Paddack (Ada) and Rep. Wes Hillard (Sulphur).

Your help is need to get this bill over the first hurdle. Last year it passed the Senate, but was never heard in the House Committee. If it passes out of the sub-committee, we will likely be calling upon you for assistance with future votes. You are also invited to attend the sub-committee meeting Monday at 10:30a.m in Room 412-A at the Capitol.

Talking points for the bill are listed below. Thanks so much for taking time to help!

Sub-committee members include (home phone/Capitol phone/email):

* Chair: Rep. Phil Richardson (Minco Dist 56) 405-352-4840 405-557-7401
* Vice-Chair: Rep. Glen Bud Smithson (Sallisaw Dist. 2) 918-775-0367 405-557-7315
* Rep. Dennis Adkins (Tulsa Dist. 75) 918-355-4439 405-557-7356
* Rep. Brian Renegar (McAlester Dist. 17) 918-426-0113 405-557-7381
* Rep. Colby Schwartz (Yukon Dist. 43) 405-354-0555 405-557-7352
* Rep. Daniel Sullivan (Tulsa Dist. 71) 918-745-5848 405-557-7361
* Rep. Mike Thompson (OKC Dist. 100) 405-603-3706 405-557-7403
* Rep. Dale Turner (Holdenville Dist. 24) 405-379-6762 405-557-7306

Ask them to please vote YES on SB 498

The purpose of this bill is to cultivate recycling efforts across the state to form networks among the people, communities and businesses who collect recyclables to the Oklahoma Industries who need these items for feedstock in their manufacturing processes. Setting a voluntary state goal to recycle 10% of all the municipal waste collected in Oklahoma by 2009 will help raise awareness of recycling and increase the supply and demand which will assist in decreasing the gap between collection and industrial use.

  • This is a goal, not a mandate.
  • Oklahoma is one of only two states that do not have a recycling goal.
  • This bill has the support of the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality and the Oklahoma Recycling Association.
  • There are 16 large industries in Oklahoma who are