Act today to defeat new creationist legislation in OK

Another important item from my email inbox:

As you may know there are a handful of Creationism inpired bills before the OK legislature. The House Education subcommittees are meeting on Monday the 18th to begin considering these measures. David Wrenn has suggested a couple of things you might do to oppose this legislation, as well as some information you might wish to review. See below for details.

David Wheelock

Dear fellow secularists,

Today, please do (at least) two things to help defeat creationist efforts in
the legislature.

(1) Send emails expressing your opposition to each of the following
Democrats on House Education subcommittees.

Neil Brannon:
Ed Cannaday:
Ray McCarter:
Terry Hyman:
Eric Proctor:
Jarbur Shumate:

The House Education subcommittees meet Monday, February 18, to consider HB
2211, HB 2440, and HB 3375. According to Rep. Bill Nations, Republican
members won't be swayed by messages, so don't bother to send any to

(2) Send messages to media outlets explaining why bills such as HB 2200, HB
2211, HB 2440, HB 2600, HB 3375 are bad ideas. To do so, go to the's media guide for Oklahoma at…

There, you'll find a list of newspapers, magazines, TV stations, and radio
stations across the state.

To send a message to any of them, click on a box to the left of the listing
and then click “Compose Message” below that list. You can select five media
outlets at a time. To send more than five (which I urge you to do), return
to the listing and repeat the process. (62 outlets are listed.)

I have compiled commentary by Dr. Vic Hutchison and Oklahomans for
Excellence in Science Education, which I'll send in a subsequent email.
Please refer to the compilation for ideas.

David Wrenn

Below is my compilation of Dr. Hutchison's and OESE's commentary on
creationist-inspired bills. When composing messages, please refer to the
compilation for ideas. It begins with a letter Dr. Hutchison sent opposing
HB 2211, HB 2440, and HB 3375.

David Wrenn

Dear Rep. ______________:

As a scientist, educator and Oklahoma voter I urge you to oppose the
following bills that will, if passed, surely damage the reputation of the
Legislature and the State. Furthermore they will damage our ability to
recruit scientists and technicians as well as the highly desired med-tech
and high-tech industries, as was the case in Kansas that had similar
problems in education policy.

HB 2211 (identical to HB 2200): The OReligious Viewpoints
Antidiscrimination Act